Mapping is a special Apex class that gives Adapters and Filters info about the mappings a user has defined for the Link.

Mappings can be found as a property inside a LinkContext.

The Mapping class is pretty straightforward, the only thing that is a little special is the configuration property. It is contextually-sensitive, so for example if you are inspecting the Mappings from inside your custom Filter, if there’s a value inside configuration it is because a user has specifically set a configuration for YOUR Filter on THIS Link, so go ahead and use it.

For more information about mapping configurations, check out ConfigurablePerMappingFilter.


Field Description
name A unique name for this mapping, comes from the DeveloperName field of the corresponding cMDT record.
sourceFieldName The API name of the field on the data source.
targetFieldName The API name of the field on the data target.
configuration Configuration information, if any has been specified for this mapping in this context.